STERK standbouw consists of a close-knit team of stand builders and designers with years of experience in delivering the most beautiful results.

The company was founded in 2012 by Arjen Hameter after more than 10 years of experience with several renowned stand builders.

The experience that both Arjen and the team has allows us to work quickly and efficiently, not only in building stands but also in communicating with you.


STERK ensures that your stand is robust and can handle the intensive use during the stock exchange without problems. The building materials with which we work are of the highest quality. They are even so strong that after each expo we perform a thorough inspection at the disassembly and are able to reuse almost all materials.

Quality doesn’t have to be expensive for you

Of course, good quality materials are expensive. However, we can offer the stands at very competitive prices because we reuse materials. This reuse is possible by, you guessed it, good quality to use. Most of the basic elements of our stands can be converted and deployed several times.

This is how we think about your budget, and the environment!


In traditional stand construction, a lot of material is lost. At STERK standbouw we have therefore tried to work as much circular as possible. This means that we always look critically at reuse of materials. Throwing away is often not necessary at all. For example, we use wooden panels that can no longer be used in sight locations in invisible places to strengthen your position.


Since we make a lot of use of wood, we find sustainable working very important. We use sustainable materials as much as possible. For example, wood with the FSC quality mark.

Modular Construction

Of course, you want your stand to stand out and be unique! A wooden base offers the most flexibility because we can model it according to any design. We only use FSC wood and try to throw it away as little as possible. By using modular building parts, we can reuse much of the wood used.